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Life Management Institute (LMI)

"Keeping Families Together"

Some of the characteristics typically associated with court involved-youth include the following:

* Lack of a stable family environment.

* Lack of a family support system or poor family relationships.

* Abusive family relationships, including sexual abuse.

* Lack of attachment to school and community.

* Poor school performance (e.g., low grade point average, history of being retained, basic skills at least two grade levels below expected grade level, history of truancy, and persistent tardiness).

* Poverty

* Early parenthood.

* Negative peer group influences, including gang related behaviors.

* Early experimentation with legal substances(e.g., alcohol and drugs).

* Persistent alcohol and drug abuse.

* Involvement with the drug culture.

* Behavioral disorders (e.g., antisocial or asocial behaviors and lack of self-control).

* Absence of positive adult male role models.

* Limited social skills.

* Mental health issues.

* Poor self-esteem/underdeveloped sense of self-worth.

* Delayed developmental stages.

* Health issues, including those related to sexual activity.

* Poor communication skills.

LMI is Growing!

Due to the our success, we are proposing to expand our services to a larger geographical area.

We need volunteers

If you are interested in helping people-Please give us a call.